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What is Forex Trading and How Does The Forex Market Work?

Hey guys,

I would like to welcome you to my website. Kenya Forex Firm is the best place to get all answers to any questions regarding online forex trading.

So, what exactly is online forex trading, and why should you even be interested?

Forex trading in its basic definition is the exchange of a currency for another. You might have seen the Kenya shilling compared to the American dollar. As I write this, the dollar is at around Kshs 95.

Imagine that you wanted to travel to see cousin Barrack Obama in the states. You’d need to exchange your Kenyan money for American dollars (bucks). On arrival at the JFK, you find a forex bureau that is so good as to give you $1 for every of 95 Kenya shillings. If you had 100,000/=, you’d get $1053 from the forex bureau.

A few weeks later, after you’ve seen Potus and spent time with Michelle and Malia, you decide it is time to go back home…

But you won’t be needing the dollars back at home. You decide to exchange the American Currency for Kes. You enter the same booth you had entered last time… but ‘things’ have been happening back at home, and 1 USD is now worth 105.00 Kes. If you still have the 1052 USD from last time, you’d receive 110,460 KES from the beautiful lady at the bureau’s counter.

You just made 10,460/= without raising a single finger to work! That, my friend, is the forex trading at its most basic.

Of course there is much more involved in investing in forex trading, which is why this website exists. We for instance won’t be needing the beautiful lady at the forex bureau. Neither will we be leaving the country (nor the couch.) We will be learning and trading online!

Still interested? Read on to find how I can help you become a profitable forex trader, quit your job and live the kind of life that you’ve always desired.

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